Fashion and Textiles Futures Center


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The Fashion and Textiles Futures Center promotes interdisciplinary collaboration among textile materials, design, style, merchandising, and management in support of the current and future fashion and textile industries by creating and disseminating new knowledge; developing new materials and applications; and educating current and future industry professionals.


Upon realizing this mission, Thomas Jefferson University will be recognized as the epicenter of future thinking in the fashion and textiles industries.


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The Fashion and Textiles Futures Center is an initiative within the Thomas Jefferson University Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce to develop an integrative hub in which companies can partner with faculty experts and students in the University’s internationally ranked fashion and textiles programs. Students and faculty are assembled in transdisciplinary teams and work on projects that produce innovative industry solutions. This initiative includes the renovation of the current physical spaces dedicated to the fashion and textiles programs, including the digital printing facility, design studios, fabrication labs, classrooms, textile testing facility and faculty offices.


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The Fashion and Textiles Futures Center supports “Nexus Learning,” which is the trademarked name given to the University’s commitment to immerse students in experiences that are collaborative, transdisciplinary, and closely linked to industry. Nexus Learning is the formalization of the University’s signature approach to teaching and learning, developed as part of the its 2008 Strategic Plan to meet its bold vision of being the model for professional education in the 21st century. Outcomes such as the ability to think critically, solve problems, work across disciplines, innovate and add value to employers are hallmarks of the training we provide our students.

With students and faculty in eight academic programs focused on fashion and textiles, and the University’s expertise in other related disciplines such as surface imaging, digital printing on textiles, interior design and industrial design, the Fashion and Textiles Futures Center emphasizes transdisciplinary, team-based projects done in close partnership with industry; in this way it is a prime manifestation of Nexus Learning.


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The Center has a profound impact on students, industry and the University. It is a focal point of ideation and innovation for industry. As a result, our students are afforded immersive experiences in the marketplace as it is today, and as it evolves going forward. The Center delivers employees into the workforce who are trained to be innovative, collaborative and flexible. It imbues the fashion and textile professionals of the future with the sensibility to ask themselves, “How can I add value to a given product, to consumers, to my employer, and to the industry in which I work?”

In addition, the Center strengthens the University’s capacity to enroll the most talented and motivated students. World-class facilities and opportunities to work on real-world projects in partnership with leading companies are deciding factors for prospective students when choosing a university. Likewise, the Center provides a stimulating environment for instructors, enabling the University to recruit and retain leading faculty.

For inquiries about how your company could work with the Fashion and Textiles Futures Center, please contact the Center’s Director, Marcia Weiss, at 215-951-2762 or