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Student Health Services

The Student Health Center is located in Scholler Hall, lower level.
Phone: 215.951.2986
Fax: 215.951.6867                                       
Contact the Business Office at 215.951.2633 to purchase University-sponsored health insurance.

The Student Health Center (SHC) is open weekdays during the academic year to provide the assessment and treatment of illnesses and injuries.

Hours are 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday Closed for lunch 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Visits are by appointment for well and sick visits.; Walk-ins are discouraged, except in the case of emergency (such as difficulty breathing, bleeding, etc). Occasionally students may require care beyond the services offered at the Student Health Center. In these cases, we assist students with pursuing follow-up care with appropriate healthcare providers.

Examples of wellness services we offer in the afternoons include physicals, annual well-woman exams, STI testing, and tobacco-cessation consults.

Additionally, we offer a waiting room full of health education materials and resources, as well as a Self-Care Station stocked with common over-the-counter medications and supplies that students can access during office hours.   


All information discussed and care received in the SHC remains confidential between the student and his/her practitioners; however, please note that if a concern arises in which a student is considered to be a danger to him/herself or to others, confidentiality may be breached to access appropriate and immediate care for the student.

Getting Started

All incoming, full-time undergraduate students, transfer students and all international students (including NSE and The Bridge Program) are required to submit a completed Student Health Medical Record form that includes a medical history, recent physical exam and documentation of certain required immunizations. International, Physician Assistant, and Midwifery students may require titers and proof of tuberculosis testing/treatment, if applicable. The Student Health Medical Record forms are included in the student’s admissions packet, are in the student health center and are online at the SHC website (www.philau.edu/healthservices).

All undergraduate and international students are entitled to access the SHC as often as needed. Part-time and graduate students may utilize SHC services as long as they have submitted a completed Student Health Medical Record form.

Students are responsible for lab fees and prescription costs. Students who require additional or alternative treatment may be referred to local health care providers at their own expense.

Medical Insurance
All full-time students and all international students (including NSE and The Bridge Program) are required to be covered by a medical insurance policy. All incoming undergraduate, Physician Assistant, Midwifery, OT and OTA students must sign the waiver online by the second Friday in September (fall Semester) or the first Friday in February (spring semester). If documentation of adequate health insurance is not provided, the Business Office reserves the right to charge the appropriate health and accident insurance fee to the student’s account.

Note: In adherence to immigration laws, all international students must demonstrate minimal standards of adequate health insurance. Insurance will be considered adequate if the coverage is for the academic year and the carrier is licensed to do business in the United States with a U.S.-based office and telephone number.

It is each student’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is covered either through private insurance or through the University-sponsored health insurance plan. To purchase the University-sponsored plan, students may contact the Business Office at 215.951.2633. Any changes in insurance coverage should be reported to Student Health Services. 

The Philadelphia University Student Health Center is dedicated to providing confidential, comprehensive and accessible health care for all students so they may achieve their maximum intellectual and academic potential. Through student-centered programs and services, we encourage healthy behaviors and holistic lifestyle choices in order to support a foundation of wellness in our students. Our mission is to help students become their own health advocates as they strive to reach an optimal state of well-being, and at the same time, to teach them how to best navigate the health care system to uphold their needs.