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College of Health Professions

Dean: M. Dryer
Manager of Academic Operations: A. Solarski

Faculty (East Falls and New Jersey): J. Anderson, A. Baker, M. Baker, J. Bail, J. Benante-Hawkins, P. Bradford, B. Burton, D. Cafaro, J. Coale, N. Cournoyer, A. Czerny, S. DiDonato, S. Dinero , M. Dryer, J. Felter,K. Herron, S. Humbert, C. Kennedy, W. Krupnick, C. Lee, D. Michaels, M.T. Mills, S. Parillo, D. Perlman, E. Parr, M. Sullivan,  B. Trivinia,  W. Wachter-Schutz. For all JCHP faculty, see https://www.jefferson.edu/university/health-professions/faculty.html


College Mission

The Jefferson College of Health Professions (JCHP) is committed to educating healthcare professionals of the highest quality and ethical standards for contemporary practice in the global community. The college, representing interprofessional programs across the health professions, offers natural opportunities for students to develop professional behaviors within a community of learners.  JCHP offers degrees ranging from a bachelor of science through clinical doctorate across several academic departments on the Center City, East Falls and Atlantic City campuses. 

Programs offered on the East Falls and New Jersey campuses are listed below.

(Note: For a full list of programs and corresponding information about programs located  on the Center City campus, see https://www.jefferson.edu/university/health-professions.html. For program specific policies, see https://www.jefferson.edu/university/health-professions/student-resources.html.)


  • Health Sciences (B.S)
  • Health Sciences (BS): Pre-Nursing
  • Health Sciences (BS): Pre-Pharmacy
  • Health Sciences (BS): Pre-Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences


  • Health Sciences (BS) /Physician Assistant (MS)
  • Health Sciences (BS) / Occupational Therapy (MS)
  • Health Sciences (BS) / Community and Trauma Counseling (MS)
  • Health Sciences (BS) / Athletic Training (MS)


  • Community and Trauma Counseling (MS)
  • Community and Trauma Counseling – Art Therapy Specialization (MS)
  • Disaster Medicine and Management (MS)
  • Physician Assistant Studies (MS)


  • Community and Trauma Counseling – Advanced Studies (Certificate)
  • Community and Trauma Counseling – Advanced Studies in Art Therapy (Certificate)
  • Childhood Trauma Studies (Certificate)
  • Disaster Medicine and Management (Certificate)
  • Business and Organizational Continuity (Certificate)