How to Embed an Image

To embed an image into a page you must have uploaded the image into Cascade. I reviewed this in the previous step. How to upload an image or PDF.

  • Open your page.
  • Click the Edit tab.
  • Click on the Insert/Edit Image button in the editor. This button looks like a tree.
  • With the internal radio button selected, click on Search.
  • Click Browse.
  • Locate and select your file.
  • Click Confirm.
  • Fill in an alternate text, this is what you would like to call the image in it’s HTML form. The alternate text should reflect the subject of what image is displaying. I’m going to call this image “test image”.
  • You can change the image’s width to make the image smaller. You should not be displaying an image within cascade that is over 680px wide.
  • Click Insert.
  • Your can click and drag your image to change it’s placement within the page.
  • You can also click on the white corner squares to adjust the width and height of the image.