Matt Gindlesparger

Office Phone: 215-951-0260

Matt Gindlesparger teaches in the technology sequence at Jefferson where he looks at architecture through the lens of building systems, materials, and performative assemblies within the built environment. His expertise is in the identification and resolution of complex building problems across multiple intersections: between industry and academe, across disciplinary boundaries and cultural expectations. Matt brings expertise in materials, forming and assembly, the relationship of those assemblies to building systems, and ultimately their performance which can be equally examined as a function of energy or as it relates to human comfort and well being. This expertise is widely applied in teaching comprehensive design studio, where projects focus on the exploration, understanding, design and integration of building systems as participants to the built environment. 

Prior to joining Jefferson full-time, Matt was a lecturer and researcher at the Center for Architecture Science and Ecology, (CASE) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. At CASE, Matt focused on the development, design, prototyping, and physical manifestation of novel building systems and technologies, at multiple scales. Matt has worked in numerous funded research areas, including; dynamic, energy-generating façade systems and air-cleaning, bio-mechanical hybrid systems, to deliver physical prototypes, demonstration systems, and large-scale deployments for testing and evaluation. Matt received his Masters of Architecture at The University of Arizona where he was a graduate of the Emerging Materials Technology program. He received his B.Arch from the University of Arizona and a B.S from Southern Illinois University.