Mentoring Program

In line with the university’s mission, of preparing “graduates for successful careers in an evolving global marketplace,” the student-alumni mentoring program encourages students to “form supportive relationships” with alumni who will have the opportunity to influence their mentees’ professional development.

The mentoring program, supported by the Philadelphia University Alumni Association and the Future Alumni Association, is an impactful and rewarding way to volunteer for PhilaU.

Current students are paired with PhilaU alumni for the opportunity to have a mentor provide career advice and influence their mentee’s personal and professional development.  Partnerships are developed through face to face interactions, electronic communication, telephone conversations and programming exclusively designed for members. Communication between the mentee and mentor occurs at the pace mutually decided by both parties. Each should give thought to how much time can be committed to the relationship and establish goals.

All PhilaU alumni and students are eligible and encouraged to volunteer as a mentor.

What’s the commitment for alumni and students?



Mentor and mentee pairings are encouraged to communicate on a monthly basis however; the pair establishes their own guidelines. 

During the year, participants in the program will have the opportunity to attend special events specifically created to enhance their mentoring relationships.