Strategic Initiatives

The Philadelphia University Board of Trustees has approved an innovative and bold Strategic Plan to achieve the University’s vision:

Philadelphia University is developing the model for professional university education in the 21st century.

Invigorated by this vision and ambitious strategic plan for the future, Philadelphia University has adopted these bold new initiatives to become the best there is.

The initiatives, as outlined in the plan, include the following:

Educating the Professionals

A university that prepares professionals is focused on what Aristotle described as the three activities of people: the ability to think theoretically, the ability to make things or provide services for a purpose, and the linkages between theory and practice.

Philadelphia University is developing the model for professional education that gives graduates the competencies in their professions, as well as lifelong learning skills in communications, problem solving, and critical reasoning. Our students have the breadth of liberal education to be problem solvers, and the professional focus to lead in their chosen fields.