University Logo


The visual expression of a brand is the beginning of that brand’s story.  Our new identity reflects a bold, progressive Jefferson, combining the academic offerings from Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University.

Inspired by this union, Jefferson celebrates our history and signals forward-facing change.  The symbol is a modern academic shield formed by blending the letters T, J and U and creating the letter P silhouetted in its counter space, forever infusing our shared equities and vision.

The visual identity and the brand architecture for the new Jefferson maintain and leverage the strengths of both Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University. It is a striking identity system that represents all of the students and disciplines that are now part of the new Jefferson – from fashion, architecture, design, engineering, textiles, business and the liberal arts to medicine, health, population health and science.

When you see this visual expression of Jefferson, let it bring you a sense of pride and remind you always that it is a result of the union of two great institutions – Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University.