Strategic Design MBA

The Strategic Design MBA program is currently not accepting new students into the cohort program. If you are interested in receiving an MBA that includes design thinking and strategy, check out the new iMBA Strategy and Design Thinking concentration.

Click here for more information: Strategy and Design Thinking Concentration

The Strategic Design MBA is for high-potential professionals who want to be well-positioned for big opportunity — whether in a major corporation, nonprofit or entrepreneurial venture. This program combines the best of business school with the best of design thinking.

Design thinking is a way of approaching innovation and problem-solving borrowed from engineers and designers. It is used by companies like Nike, Starbucks and Google to introduce new products and services and by city governments to address social issues like illiteracy. Design thinking is the skill these companies seek when recruiting individuals with both a creative and business mindset.

Combining design thinking with the analytical intelligence of business prepares graduates to solve problems better in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business world.

This MBA is a low-residency program with intensive industry application. It features a cohort of seasoned professionals from diverse industries and faculty who blend state-of-the art practitioner experience with excellence in the classroom. Graduates exit the program with a network in place that is capable of bringing long-term value to themselves and their organizations that extends well beyond the formal material covered.

B School + D School = Philadelphia University's Strategic Design MBA



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